Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RECIPE: Pickled Cranberries but why?

This is the kind of morning when you wish you made preparations. Now we're in the midst of March. Not much in the way of local fruit except for a bag of dried mango we bought last year in Las Vegas at the airport for a snack. Local because its in the house.

According to the doctor we must have fruit with oatmeal for breakfast, no excuses, but what fruit? We froze local blueberries last summer but those ran out at the end of 2012. Didn't get a chance to put up peaches but the good news is that local apples (from the Valley) are available year round. 

But we don't have any apples so Vegas mango gets a pass. I reconstitute it by pouring boiling water on the leathery strips. What results is a sweetish, flaccid fruit with a distinct airport flavor. But it is fruit and soon I'll purchase cranberries, not from the Valley but not from Vegas either. A bag of cranberries from nearby Cape Cod can be pickled passively (blanch in water then steep in honey and cider vinegar) in a jar and kept in the fridge for a month. This summer, I'll try to put up more fruit for next winter. For now, we're rolling with Hadley Grouts (whole oats) and Pickled Cape Cod Cranberries, hold the mango.

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  1. We only froze 60# of blueberries last summer, instead of our usual 80+. We're down to our last 5 quarts. We also didn't freeze as many strawberries as in the past, because we hadn't eaten them as quickly. But this year we have, and are down to our last 7 quarts.

    I froze lots of quarts of pear sauce and pear slices, and there's still a good amount of that left. Blueberries were from Benson Farm in Heath, strawberries from Upinngil in Gill, and pears from across the street in Hatfield.

    I have a serving of blueberries every morning for breakfast, with my 3 small eggs from the Dominiques. I also have 1/3 cup of kefir cheese made from Upinngil milk, my own dried chives, homemade celery salt, and not local sliced almonds. :)) Sometimes I melt Upinngillar cheese on the fried eggs.

    Good winter breakfast, but when the weather turns warm, I'll need to find a cooler one.