Friday, November 16, 2012

Solar vs. Soil

Area Farmer Weighs in on Solar Panels and their presence on farmland.....are they taking food from our mouths?

"Town governments, land trusts, farm advocacy groups and private citizens should take all possible steps to preserve prime class 1 farmland for agricultural food production. Developments such as solar photovoltaic farms, new residential housing, industrial parks, etc., should be relegated to areas that are not rich in prime agricultural soils." 

-- Ryan Voillard, Red Fire Farm, Daily Hampshire Gazette

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  1. I've often griped about building on the farmland here in the Valley. Per National Geographic, it's the 7th best soil in the world, and people build on it and mistreat it.

    Having said that, here in Hatfield a group of neighbors is fighting having a solar farm put in their backyard. It would be on farmland.

    After the neighbor's escaped pigs episode yesterday, I'd much prefer a solar farm, if I had to chose the neighbor or a solar farm...