Thursday, April 1, 2010

Attend Hands-On Workshop, Go Home with a Chicken

Dave Tepfer, Simple Gifts Farm, is making some of his two year-old laying hens available for adoption to good homes at a workshop organized by North Amherst Community Farm, Inc. this Saturday, April 3rd.

Homes for Hens Workshop participants will be able to take their hens home, set up the coop, and collect eggs from the hens the next morning!

The workshop is already full, testament to the number of people
interested in raising chickens. The laying hens will be available for purchase ($10 and up). For more information, contact John Gerber, 413-549-6949 or

Ask Farmer Bill:

I'm thinking of getting some chickens so I have have free eggs. I figure $10 down now and, what, 10 years of free eggs? What do you think? Should I should get chickens?


  1. Do you have a place to keep them?

  2. Some workshop participants purchased pre-ordered small chicken coops
    built by Simple Gifts Farm. Others made or purchased their own coops......why not just put them in the shed behind the barn?

  3. "Free" isn't quite right... you still have to pay for feed, hay, and such... but a neat idea none the less!

  4. No hen will reliably lay eggs for 10 years! As in human females, egg production drops considerably after time. In most hens there are 2-3 years of productive laying and then a long slow decline in laying.